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we don't fit


A love or preference for night, darkness
Steven Brentnall
Dedicated to all of my friends
Inspired by the Say Anything song
“Night’s Song”

In Search of Direction...1
...It Sometimes Leads Us Here...2
Yin & Yang...3
This Year’s Model...4
Finding Meaning...5
Fresh Facial Hair...6
Worried Walkway...7
Deep Contemplation...8
Stroke Shop...9
Readymade Rebel...10
Constant Inspiration...11
Old Habits Die Hard...12


Evening invites us in. The freaks, weirdos, deviants, punk rockers. Where the love and light of day rejects us, the night welcomes us warmly. 
It equalizes. And somewhere in our twisted minds keeps us safe from harm. 
This is an illumination of the darkness. Facing instead of rejecting, hiding from it, or only placing those optimistic colloquialisms, we all know, in the color of daytime. 
This is our world, too. And here’s a peek into it.



We represent a generation in the middle

We’re the 20 somethings. 

We have the nostalgia and creative boom of the 90’s, from when we were kids. We also have the mania and tragedy endured by the beginnings of two major unstoppable wars in the mid 2000s, when we were graduating

We’ve bore witness to the technology boom; some of us have even contributed to it.

We are here now trying to reconcile it all.

We won’t lose our child-like wonder because we don’t believe in being, “past your prime”.

We never stopped living even through all of the self-doubt. 

We never gave up even when deaths, broken engagements, layoffs, and student debt forced some of us back into our parents homes.

We have fun. 

We do what we can with what we got. 

We keep pushing forward. 

We persevere and we do it with scars to show.


Growing up in photography, playing music, and being somewhat of a writer, I always wanted to produce a book. I want to make limited release books where you could really get a feel for the artist’s hand. With this particular series I wanted to portray a certain type of living. I wanted to highlight feelings and emotions with the words as well as images but I wanted them to exist together; where one truly couldn’t hold its own without the other.
Recently, I was inspired to construct one within a Moleskine after seeing some images of soldiers writing about their experience in the Marine Corps, using the same format. I wanted it to have a ragtag and weathered look in order to reflect age. One of my favorite things to do is combine medias. Whether it’s painting with two polar opposite paints like watercolour and oil or mixing genres of music. With this I incorporated the old school scrapbook style with digital prints. My preference is that photography stay tangible so I wanted to make sure it was in keeping with that aesthetic. 

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