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The Full Story


     Steven M. Brentnall is a mixed media artist from Santa Clarita California. They went to College of the Canyons community college where they earned multiple certificates in photography, studio arts, and later, multiple Associate’s degrees in photography and studio arts as well. They also earned multiple certificates for Career Skills and Human Resources from COC’s extension program called the School of Personal and Professional Development. Steven is currently working with the interdisciplinary and cross-campus organization focused on housing insecurity and many issues of social justice, The PLACE Project as Social Media Manager and Creative Fellow for their marketing and branding. In addition, they work collaboratively on the webcomic for the aforementioned organization called “Sam and Alex” with artist Rae Appelbaum. Steven will complete his Bachelor of Arts at California State University Northridge and enter in either a Master of Arts program for Illustration or the Single Subject Credential program to become an art educator for K-12. Or both, who knows! They run their own business under the Doing Business As, “CallMeBrentnall”, which is used as a hub for all of their creative output, from recording music to painting. Steven has also maintained a high GPA and earned acknowledgments such as the Dean’s List while attending college full-time often taking 5-7 classes per semester.    
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Many children’s and young adult authors have been pivotal to the growth of Steven as an illustrator and writer, but none like Lynda Barry. Her whimsical art style juxtaposed with her heavy autobiographical themes struck a chord in them to pursue an interest in creating their own illustrated book series with, Rabert and Froger, tales about 2 misfit and mysterious animals who met by chance (or fate?) to have adventures together. 


 Steven has been deeply influenced by music for most of their life and considers the Do-It-Yourself ethics and values of punk rock and hardcore music to be a continuing and reliable inspiration in everything they do. Having played in many bands they understand the necessity of teamwork as well as the importance of harboring a tenacious belief in the self in order to see a project through to the end- no matter the setbacks.

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