Smee= as in Captain Hook's bo'sun

Keeper= as in I am the keeper of my brothers and sisters


Lego Series (On-going)

This one is brought to you in part by the help of the 2017 Inktober Prompt. I got 17 days in and had to tap out. Still super proud of myself for even getting THAT far!

I'm more of a designer than an artist but, i'm still very happy with this series. My mother collects Lego/Duplo figures and I wanted to do something with a physical object that I could move, shape, interact with etc. and Lego just seemed to 'fit' that. I've spent a considerable amount of time posing, modeling, photographing, researching images, and running certain scenarios thru camera apps on my phone to alter and adhere to the theme of that particular day. THIS WAS SO FUN! And that's why I plan to revisit it in the future. 




(on-going series)

I started with a wood block print rolled with minimal ink, went over it in Prismacolor and Micron. I enjoy this messy dilapidated look though, like much of my work, I think it's going to be difficult to replicate. I tend to do a lot of 'one of a kinds'.

Blind Contours.

I'm very passionate about blind contours. There's something very exciting and liberating about letting your EYES guide a drawing rather than your hands. I'm not much for representational or realism in the art that I enjoy so I naturally wouldn't go that direction when i'm sparked. 

Lately i've been making more collages and then doing blind contours from them so it's like abstract on top of abstract- ABSTRACTCEPTION! I go back and clean up SOME lines when I ink & color it in after the pencil drawing but I try to keep it as authentic as possible to what my eyes saw that day.

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