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full eyes shining

And it's over. As you look forward you say love doesn't just go away but, I hope it's in the place you're moving towards. I hope you carry that sentiment back to the place where we live in arrested development.

.Housing Tract Cataracts.

Support crumbled by your own weight

No more tears to wet the brick and overcompensate;

Time to rebuild and accommodate

All while unskilled and attenuate.

Thru any type of weather? A phrase about as useful now as soaked leather. We could take cover under the over hangs and I'll sing to you as the winds rage. Thru blankets of snow and sheets of rain I am your source, I am your flame. And when you slip from my grip on the darkest days my hand is still extended for you to find your way.

Wildflower, you grew without the need.

Wildflower, you are the water and the seed.

Wildflower, it's the pollen on the wing, the fur of the fox or even the bee's gentle sting that makes the world go 'round.

Pain and pleasure, discordant and harmonious sound.

Sweet or sour, stress or leisure.

Wildflower, you are my treasure.

Orange & Blue: the Compliments Are Endless & True.

Don’t forget that you are the peak when i’m in the valley. Don’t forget that you are also sometimes the alcohol in the alley. Don’t forget you’re the warmth when I am cold. Don’t forget that quiet desperations have left us bought & sold.

Don’t forget your day pace & your nightly patience. Don’t forget the colors in the destinations.

Don’t forget your memory. Don’t forget those smiles. Don’t forget to remember when you’re out there driving miles upon miles. Don’t forget there are highs to be grasped, the lows never last and the struggle to build & traverse that middle path. Please don’t ever forget why I took these photographs.